Carlsberg Beer Tests Your Intestinal Fortitude

Here’s some genius advertising. Imagine you and a friend walk into a movie theater filled with 148 very uncuddly men, and there’s only two seats left. What do you do? Do you muster up the courage to say, “Excuse me, giant, terrifying, tattooed sir,” and politely scooch your way to the seats in the middle of the aisle? Or do you do an about-face and see what’s playing in the next theater while explaining to your cohort that it’s not that you’re afraid of being in the dark with 148 outlaws, you just suddenly decided you don’t want to see that movie, because, like, it got a bad review, and, like, you’re totally not a pussy, you just have really high standards when it comes to movies…yeah? Check out what a few couples decided to do. Those who braved it got quite the surprise.