Run Through the Purple Haze

Yep, no denying it: Danava loves Sabbath. To its immense credit, however, the band chooses to kick it on the Vol. 4 tip rather than open another franchise in the cottage industry of Master of Reality riff reheating. Hemisphere of Shadows, the follow-up to Danava’s much-acclaimed 2008 effort UnonoU, also throws a wonderfully off-kilter early Alice Cooper vibe, the swagger of The Band’s more upbeat cuts, and some serious guitar acrobatics into the mix — which is to say, the songs groove but remain unpredictable. Hallucinatory, even.
To break it down, if you understand what vocalist/guitarist Gregory Meleney is talking about when he says, “This album is less Michael Moorcock and more Michael Schenker” then you will likely adore this record.

For your edification on this point, below is the world premiere of “I Am the Skull.”

Danava: I Am The Skull by Decibel Magazine

Hemisphere of Shadows is out October 4. Pre-order here. After the jump bonus: The video for “Where Beauty and Terror Dance” and a surprisingly subdued Phil Anselmo jamming out with the band.