Glorior Belli – The Great Southern Darkness, Album Stream!

There are certain Satanic rites you must preserve before previewing Glorior Belli’s latest offering, The Great Southern Darkness, in its entirety, here on the Deciblog.
First shave yourself entirely, except for the hair on your head, which must be grown to maximum length. Then take two lumps of coal and rub them vigorously all over your body until your skin is black, raw and bruised. Prepare a salve in advance, using human feces, dirt, poison ivy, and goat’s blood. Lather yourself in it and consume whatever remains – waste none. Next you will spark a PCP dipped cigarette that you’ve colored black with a sharpie. Take six long drags and put it out on your tongue. Eat the rest of that, too. Make sure all the windows are boarded, turn off any lights, and then you can click play on stream. Lastly, don’t forget to throw a blanket over the bright computer monitor.

Or you can skip all that. Whatever. Chances are you’ll have the same experience. Glorior Belli’s latest offering will take you through the blistering deserts of the abyss and though the burning swamps of hell, to Satan’s private chateau, where he actually spends most of his time. On The Great Southern Darkness, their fourth album, these Frenchmen have mastered their unique, black soulful sound to a degree obscene.

The album comes out on Hecate’s feast day, September 27th, through Metal Blade Records. Click here for further digging and enjoy the stream responsibly. And please, at least consider performing the rites.

The Great Southern Darkness by Decibel Magazine