MonstrO Pulls Them “Anchors Up!”

In the current issue of Decibel Nick Green deftly bores his way down to the heart and soul of the self-titled debut from MonstrO, the band featuring ex-Torche shredder Juan Montoya alongside former members of Bloodsimple and Danzig: “an unironic synthesis of 1970s-era blues and psych-inflected guitar rock that is so unabashadly retro it vaults beyond the ‘retro’ tag.”
This is, no doubt, the sort of summary that will send some Decibel readers/staffers stomping off to the shed for their critical hatchets — is anyone answering the phone at Anthony Bartkewicz’ house? — but those who remain are in for a treat. This thing crackles and drones, swirls and thrashes, lilts and soars; the energy never flags, the psychedelic atmospherics aren’t self-indulgent or overdone, and nearly every song has a chewy little anthem at the center of its sweet, sugary mass — as evidenced, I believe, by this exclusive stream of “Anchors Up!”

“’Anchors Up!’ is one of the first songs we worked on,” bassist Kyle Sanders tells Decibel. “We had it written before [guitarist/powerhouse vocalist] Charlie [Suarez] was even in the picture. We sent him the song and he came back with amazing lyrics and melodies. Really took the song over the top. The seas are troubled, yet we still embark on journeys within them. When you’re addicted, it’s a choice of fate to let go…to raise the anchors.”

MonstrO: “Anchors Up!” by Decibel Magazine

MonstrO’s debut is available now. The band heads out on the road with kindred spirits Kyuss Lives! next week.