Not Exclusive- Rye Wolves: “Tearing at the Shapes”

Rye Wolves: “Tearing at the Shapes” by Decibel Magazine
Eugene, OR is known mostly as the homebase of Yob, but amongst its sleepy streets and vegan breakfast nooks, another vicious trio has been around for years, creating small slabs of apocalypse.

A combination of noise, drone, blackened doom and space rock, Rye Wolves have finished up their second full-length, Species Battle in the Branches, and it is a massive progression. Three songs, ranging from 7 to 32 minutes, are gorged with possessed vocals, bridge-collapsing chords and bloodshot melodies.

This independent release can be streamed or downloaded from Bandcamp at the moment, but vinyl is on the horizon if they don’t all get typhoid and die and if a few kind fuckers out there buy these songs for the low price of one to two dollars a pop. That’s like eight cents a riff, so go look through the car’s ashtray.