The Jesus Lizard’s David Yow Goes Solo in NYC

OK, we apologize for the somewhat misleading headline, but we stand by its essential truth. Ex-Jesus Lizard/Scratch Acid frontman David Yow will be presenting his first solo NYC art exhibit called “Glass Gas Mask” this week at Fuse Gallery (93 2nd Ave, New York City). If you thought his lyrics and onstage antics were out there, wait’ll you get a look at some of his art.
The collection of works that will be on display were rendered both digitally and by hand and, not surprisingly, capture the twisted aesthetic and sense of humor he brought to his music. According to an announcement for the show, Yow “integrates acrylic, collage, charcoal, pencil, spit, hair, crayon, wood, etc. to craft a deviant somewhat biomorphic creation, that is, or was, living—whatever it is, is very difficult to discern.”

The opening party for the exhibit happens this Wednesday, August 24, from 7 to 10 pm, and Yow will be in attendance (you know, in case you want to get your Decibel Hall of Fame-approved copy of Goat signed). However, if you miss the opening, fear not, Yow’s art will be on display at Fuse through September 21.