EXCLUSIVE: “No Stairway!” …Mick Barr’s Coiled Malescence album stream

Mick Barr is not the sort of guitarist to just chill on the money chords, putting out the catchy riffs and hanging off the pentatonic scale until the familiarity sends you tripping. No way. Whether it’s his work as one half of the mind expanding avant-garde duos Orthrelm and Crom-Tech, the dual-personalities of solo projects Octis and Ocrilim, or even giving black metal some weird, post-modern genetics with Krallice, Mick Barr‘s always jacking his playing hard to the outer limits of your ears’ capabilities. His first solo release under his own name, Coiled Malescence, is a typically challenging, transcendent 40-minute solo arrangement for guitar. Sure, of course it’s not accessible, it’ll be murder to transcribe, and will make those afternoon’s you spent learning “Eruption” seem kinda redundant; but come on, it’d always good to trip on someone with the talent and the vision to take the instrument somewhere new.

Coiled Malescence is released on vinyl on September 13th through Safety Meeting Records, CD through Savage Land.

The album is delivered as one entire piece but it’s broken into seven tracks, or movements we should say…
Side A: 1. Arkh, 2. Vohvar, 3. Isor
Side B: 4. Cvether, 5. Coiled Malescence, 6. Welth, 7. Herna

Mick Barr Coiled Malescence Side A:

Mick Barr ‘Coiled Malescence’ – Side A by safetymeeting

Mick Barr Coiled Malescence Side B:

Mick Barr ‘Coiled Malescence’ – Side B by safetymeeting

Here’s Mick tearing it up live in New York