Exclusive Preview: Pentagram’s “When The Screams Come” DVD

You’d think that a band with 40 years under its belt would have figured out the whole commercialism part of the music business by now. Some of the more enterprising elder statesmen have given up on marketing their music — Marky Ramone has his own brand of pasta sauce, and Stephen Pearcy is hawking hot sauce, for chrissakes. So it was with a giant “Seriously?” that we discovered Pentagram didn’t even have an official DVD until now. Come August 30, Bobby Liebling & co. can be seen on When The Screams Come. It was recorded on May 30th, 2010, during the Liebling/Victor Griffin reunion dates at Sonar in Baltimore, Maryland, at Maryland Deathfest VIII. After the jump, check out footage of “Relentless” and interview footage with Liebling.
The gold lamé ruffle top and pants are straight out of Paris Is Burning. View more fashion-forward clips from the DVD and pre-order your copy here.

When The Screams Come track listing:
1. Day Of Reckoning
2. Forever My Queen
3. Ask No More
4. Run My Course
5. You’re Lost, I’m Free
6. Review Your Choices
7. Relentless
8. All Your Sins
9. 20 Buck Spin
10. Sign Of The Wolf
11. When The Screams Come