Thirsty For Some Clutch?

The musical mavericks of Clutch, in our estimation, are the perfect band to represent the spirit of craft beer. The Maryland-based quartet has done its own thing musically and within the business side of the industry, and has been rewarded by a staunch following of diehard fans. They aren’t sexy, they aren’t trendy, but man do they have grit, soul and determination. And one helluva tight, rumbling sound.
It’s not surprising then, that New Belgium brewer Eric Salazar, found kindred souls in the band and decided to salute them by making a special seasonal beer named after the band. “Clutch is one of my favorite bands and this collaboration derives from the perfect storm of random happenings,” said Salazar. “The band made a stop in Ft. Collins to tour our brewery, but we were closed. That day, I happened to run into them at a Ft. Collins restaurant and we started talking. I offered them a tour and the next thing you know, we’ve produced a soulful beer together.”

The beer is part of New Belgium’s Lips of Faith limited release series, the brewery’s “more esoteric creations.” According to New Belgium “the sour stout has a pronounced bass line of dark chocolate, coffee and black malts that bridge the sourness of the dark wood ale for a fluid riff.”

And not coincidentally, we’re sure, New Belgium will start selling its wares in Virginia, D.C. and, Clutch’s home state, Maryland on August 22. So, hometown fans of the band will have their opportunity to snag a 22-oz. bottle of Clutch beer without having to cross state lines.

The beer will be available August through October. To find New Belgium beers in your area, you can use the New Belgium Libation Location tool.