Not Exclusive: “Dawn of the Horrible Gorilla”

Sean Yseult, White Zombie bassplayer, owner of a fun to say last name and the woman responsible for (something that’s supposed to be comical but comes off creepy and gross) in my youth, has released a one of a kind recording featuring herself, Phil Anselmo and Dime Motherfucking Bag Motherfucking Darrell.

“Dimebag Darrell, Sean Yseult and Philip Anselmo created this absurdity at 6am after a long night of drinking on a Pantera/White Zombie Tour in ’92. Recorded on Darrell’s 4-Track in his hotel room, the song was made up on the spot with Darrell on guitar (and drum machine) Sean on bass, and Phil singing. This comes from a cassette from Sean Yseult’s archives, never heard before!”

And it is nice to hear these guys having a blast at a time when they were young metal Gods. And it’s also nice that “Dawn of the Horrible Gorilla” is only like two minutes cause man, it sucks real bad. But who’s going to pass up a chance to hear this?