Premiere: Goreaphobia, “Xurroth Rreeth N’ves Helm”

Surveying the Apocalyptic Necromancy track listing it is pretty clear those with an actual fear of gore might have their gag reflexes tested a bit by the latest fetid offerings from Goreaphobia — see, for example, “Rust Worms and the Noxious Fevers They Bring,” “Shroud of the Hyena,” or “Void of the Larva Queen.” Thus, to help our faint-ish of heart readers take a baby step away from their apprehensions and toward the open arms of what guitarist Alex Bouks calls the band’s “1000 percent occult metal nihilism” Decibel proudly premieres the reunited classic Filthadelphia death metallers’ “Xurroth Rreeth N’ves Helm (City of Rot and Decay)” below.

Here’s what Bouks had to say about this nasty little number: “This is one of those songs that just came very easy. To me it has a Venom meets Iron Maiden-type feel to it. This is more of a straight heavy metal track. It sounds like nothing else on the record.”

Goreaphobia, “Xurroth Rreeth N’ves Helm” by Decibel Magazine