Would If I Could

If you’re in Los Angeles this coming Friday and Saturday, make your way down to the Nomad Gallery for the two days of the second New Weird America Festival. If on Friday you’re choosing to not embark upon a sympathetic celebration of the socialist welfare state to the north known as Canada (July 1st is Canada Day, in case you were wondering), check out the festival launch at the “Twin Infinities” art show, featuring art and photography from over 30 folks, including the likes of Mike Watt, Ross Farrar, Tim Kerr, Ryan Patterson and Stephen O’Malley.
The next day, the finger sandwiches and wine glasses get tossed aside when Red Sparrowes (featuring ex-Isis man, Bryant Clifford Meyer) headline a six-band evening of noise ranging from thunderous de-tuned thrash to psychedelic swirling to post-rock metalgazing. Check out the official press release, show poster, band and artist line-up at this location:


Being 3000 miles from Los Angeles and living in a different country prohibits me from personally attending. However, if it were any way possible for me to make it down, I would definitely do so for two very obvious reasons. First, to finally be able to see Ides of Gemini, featuring our very own J. Bennett alongside his gal pal Sera Timms (of Black Math Horseman), in the sonic flesh. Then, watch Bennett drink and drug himself into a post-gig stupor. Second, to pay witness to the Fucking Wrath. More specifically, the dude in the Fucking Wrath who’s a dead ringer for Ron Jeremy.

Now, I don’t mean to offend, but c’mon, tell me you’re not seeing what I’m seeing here?

Get your advance tickets here: fla.vor.us/wafform.aspx?_act=eventview&_pky=100943

And just to be safe, leave any women under the age of 72 at home.