Eric Swenson R.I.P.

After the untimely passing of Jared Southwick, another icon is no longer with us. Eric Swenson, one of the most visionary figures in the history of skateboarding, committed grisly suicide in front of a police station in San Francisco.

The 64-year old Swenson, who co-founded both Independent Trucking Co and Thrasher magazine, put a gun in his mouth Monday morning and the reasons are still a mystery. But there is no question the impact he made on the modern skating community.

While many of us came out of our mothers with gauntlets and Slayer carved into our forearms, skateboarding has been probably the number one gateway drug into heavy music. An untold amount of musicians would have never picked up a guitar or microphone if we first hadn’t picked up a board. And many of us would have never considered pursuing this past time without Thrasher and Independent Trucks making it seem so fucking cool.

Eric’s legacy was mighty and the least we can do is hope that whatever pain he may have been in, it’s now gone for good.