The Metal Detektor

It takes too long to go through every online distro, e-store, virtual shop to find the best prices on the latest…uh, precious metal titles. Want the new Arch Enemy Khaos Legions for less than $10? Try Amazon. Or Century Media’s CM Distro. Want the new Morbid Angel wooden box set for less than three Bens? Try Amazon. Or the sale section at Season Of Mist’s online shop. But searching for metal online is about as arduous as trying to find a brick and mortar store that carries metal. That ends, at least for now, with The Metal Detektor.
The Metal Detektor is a search aggregator. Over 30 e-tailers — from Deathgasm and Hells Headbangers to Red Stream and Blue Collar Distro — are available to search on The Metal Detektor’s site. Just plug in the Artist Name and Album Title, hit “search”, and wait for the long list of titles and prices to pop up. Best of all, once titles are returned, you can sort by lowest price, distro (assuming you have a go-to favorite), etc. Sweet!

The site is still in its infancy, however. There’s no Amazon support yet (buying used on Amazon is clutch!) and it would, at some point, be really rad to be able to search used vs. new across all e-tailers in The Metal Detektor search algorithms. And there’s no format breakout. Everything — vinyl, cassette, CD, etc. — is in the same search. Would be awesome to search for Autopsy + Mental Funeral + Vinyl to see which e-tailer has the Peaceville re-issue for the lowest price. But, as it stands, when I’m looking for the obscure and the horn-raising, I’ll be checking The Metal Detektor instead of the 800 bookmarks I currently have in Firefox.

Check it out: The Metal Detektor.