Iron Maiden vs. Metallica: The Battle Has Begun

Well, I don’t even know where to start with this one. Licensed pilot Bruce Dickinson has stated that Maiden is unequivocally better than Metallica. He is not in a position to walk the statement back and we doubt Mr. Balls to Picasso would have any intention no matter what. So is he right? Well… Many people will say right away that there’s no comparison. While both bands are “metal” it’s not really fair to compare the thrash pioneers with the NWOBHM champs. This isn’t Sepultura vs. Pantera, guys. But let’s, for argument sake, put up some of the most obvious pros and cons:

Pro- Cliff Burton’s “Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)
Con- Robert Trujillo’s “Jungle Essence
Pro- Lars Ulrich’s drumming
Con- Lars Ulrich
Pro- Kill ‘Em All through …And Justice for All
Con- Everything for literally the last twenty years

Iron Maiden:
Pro-Run to the Hills
Con-The Angel and the Gambler
Pro- Have a guy named Nicko McBrain
Con- Once had a guy named Blaze Bayley
Pro- Final Frontier was pretty rad
Con- But what happened to Eddie?

These are just a few of the angles we can take on this argument and there are plenty more. So let’s fucking hear them gentlemen and ladies.