STREAMING: Exhumed “Necrotized”

Fuck Starbucks! While soccer moms and day traders sip delicately and importantly on iced caramel macchiatos and munch through $40 mini carrot cupcakes, we here at the dB HQ start our uliginous days off with a grisly jigsaw (breakfast) stew of flesh and bone. Munificent amounts of gore topped with good stone ground mustard, actually. And a cup of immiscible Wawa (look it up if you’re not from mid-Atlantic states) joe tops it off.
So, we’re pleased to bloody piss that Relapse Records reached out with disinterred arms to offer “Necrotized” from Exhumed’s upcoming album, No Guts, All Gloryholes. This is the first new Exhumed track since Johnny PayCheck bit the bullet in 2003. That’s right. Anatomy is Destiny was quaking and quivering like a freshly spent body all those years ago.

Resuscitated and ready to spread human potash once again, we hereby are present “Necrotized”.
Exhumed – Necrotized by Decibel Magazine

** Exhumed’s All Guts, No Glory is out July 5th, 2011 on Relapse Records. Pre-odor it here.