Zippy’s = Seattle’s Metal Burger Joint

You’re probably familiar with the Grill ‘Em All food truck and Kuma’s Corner, two notorious heavy metal-themed beef huts. But a Decibel writer tipped me to an overlooked den of blazin’ beefitude known as Zippy’s Giant Burgers, and it is arguably the most metal of them all, thanks to the guy above and to the below right:

That would be Blaine “Zippy” Cook, Toe Tag singer and ex- of thrash mongrels the Accüsed. According to Zippy’s history, Cook and his business partner wanted to get into the pizza business, then the teriyaki business, and ultimately decided on burgers. They opened on May 1, 2008, and have won plenty of accolades. These are no wimpy beef pucks: Zippy’s burgers come from 100% chuck that’s ground on-site daily.

Here’s their Number 11 burger. (As in “these go to 11” burger?)

We’re just a little disappointed that there’s no Martha Splatterhead burger. Zippy, we demand a Martha Splatterburger. And we want extra splattersauce on the side.

“You want fries wit dat?”