Exclusive: 400 Blows- “We Killed Like Champions”

Noise punk. That’s a term I don’t get to swing around often enough. And 400 Blows are fucking noise punk. It’s been six arduous years since the release of Angel’s Trumpets and Devil’s Trombones but the half-crazed virtuosos are back with Sickness and Health.
The band can clearly still flagellate their instruments as Scott Martin (Crom/Big Business) winds caterwauling riffs and feedback around the bloodthirsty Whack-A-Mole rhythms of Kevin Fitzgerald (Circle Jerks). And Skot Alexander is still that incredible, sunglassed frontman, less a singer and more a drunken savior telling his disciples that we’re all doomed.

Check out “We Killed Like Champions” below and get ready for the mayhem Aug. 23rd on ORG Music.

400 Blows- We Killed Like Champions by Decibel Magazine

P.S. That noise you hear at the end is from famous nacho eater Jared Warren.