Kim Carlsson [aka ( )] (Lifelover) interviewed.

Most people are picking up on Lifelover at Konkurs due to the Prophecy re-issue. Is that a good starting point for people interested in Lifelover?Kim Carlsson: Definitely, even though any of our albums would be a good starting-point Konkurs involves many of our trademark elements, so if it’s followed by our current release Sjukdom the evolution in this album will of course feel more logical than if compared to any of the earlier albums.

What does “narcotic metal” mean exactly?
Kim Carlsson: It would take too long to describe properly but anyone should be able to figure that out or make their own conclusion about it.

People have labeled Lifelover “suicidal” or “depressive” black metal. Yet in almost every interview I’ve read with you, you’ve said Lifelover represents any mood. Could be happiness, sadness, anger, joy. Is Lifelover a band of every emotion musically and lyrically?
Kim Carlsson: Of course, there are always multitudes of ways to interpret something.

How would you compare Sjukdom to Konkurs?
Kim Carlsson: The bleak nature of our music is more underlying on Sjukdom than on Konkurs and it’s definitely more aggressive and filthy.

Musically, Sjukdom seems to have a more coherent center. Is that because there was more stability in Lifelover at the time of writing and recording Sjukdom?
Kim Carlsson: So far there has never been anything that can be defined as stability in Lifelover, but with each album we aim for getting a certain point through which I feel we have succeeded with.

OK, the limited edition Sjukdom contains a syringe and a razor. Clever marketing idea or is there intent behind the non-musical inclusions?
Kim Carlsson: Currently, I don’t have any reply that is clever enough so I’ll just say, why not?

There have been comparisons to the Swedish Shining. Do you view Lifelover as a sonic peer of Shining or something completely different?
Kim Carlsson: Personally, there are some similarities, but on an artistic level it’s something completely different and none of us see any resemblance at all.

It’s your most aggressive album yet. Why so aggressive now?
Kim Carlsson: Sometimes you simply have to let go of some emotions and act, so making Sjukdom was necessary in that aspect and many others.

But you’ve also written some of your most contemplative music. Like “Bitterljuv Kakofoni”, “Utdrag”, and “Totus Anctus”. I guess there has to be balance or some semblance of balance in Lifelover’s music.
Kim Carlsson: There is always some balance. It will just be harder for some to feel.

Your lyrics are in mostly in Swedish. Do you feel this limits your ability to communicate to non-Swedish people who might want to know what you’re talking about? I guess mostly Norwegian lyrics didn’t hamper Darkthrone or Burzum’s careers.
Kim Carlsson: We have always done what feels natural to us and if a lyric feels most effective in a language it doesn’t matter what that language is. If people don’t lose their ability to think and reflect upon things they should be able to find their own meaning in our lyrics rather than us telling them what to think.

Would you say your (i.e., the band’s) directive is to sell more records, tour more, and become a regular functioning band/business?
Kim Carlsson: Personally, I can’t care less about aspects [like] these, but most of us in the band do like to perform live so that is at least something we all can say that is one of our goals without having anything to do commercialism. We simply want to deliver interesting experiences. No matter if it’s recorded albums or live ¬performances.

Speaking of “moving forward”, how has Lifelover changed, as a band, as musicians, as songwriters, since Pulver?
Kim Carlsson: I don’t see any big difference. Of course, we evolve every year as any person should, which reflects in our music and our ability to create music.

What’s happening on the cover? A diseased and decaying tree? A metaphor for the Earth or something organic dying? Possibly since ‘sjukdom’ translates to disease/illness.
Kim Carlsson: It’s an art-project created by ( ) and a friend of his. It can be and represent anything you want it to.

** Lifelover’s Sjukdom is available now through Prophecy Productions. Order it here.