Coolest. Record Store. Ever.
I’ve never heard of Rasputin Music but I have to say, if you get a chance to stop by this Berkeley store, please fucking do. Trash Talk, who regardless of the quality of their music don’t take no shit from nobody when they step on stage, were brilliantly/foolishly asked to play an in-store. And between their suicidal hardcore thrash and the pure nihilistic rage of the audience, it’s a wonder the spot didn’t lose thousands of dollars in merch from the unbridled chaos.

I’m not sure how long the show was but these four and a half minutes would be an acceptable concert length for the concentrated intensity that barrels through the clip. And please keep an eye on the security guard, the poor, poor security guard. I don’t know what he was trying to guard, but I’m guessing those A River Runs Through It DVDs behind him weren’t spared.

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