Thoughts on Metal Vs. Work…

After seeing this post on the Shreddit section of Reddit (where I steal much of my material), I wanted to ask the very few people who comment on here to offer their own opinions. Where do you draw the line when it comes to working for the man and maintaining your heavy metal lifestyle? Starting a new job recently in a “professional” environment has been a bit of an annoying endeavor as I had to purchase a bunch of long sleeve shirts and I can only do a quarter arm roll before my wicked ink starts to show. But that’s really nothing. Aside from that I look like your everyday, normal wimp. But what about the rest of you?
Obviously there are many of us who have jobs that not only allow but encourage looking the part of a modern headbanger (employess of Grill Em All for example, or sons of Nicholas Cage). There are others who work from home or, well, just don’t have jobs in the first place and don’t need to worry whether they look like an Esquire model or Germany’s biggest Earth Crisis fan.

But what about those of you out there asked to cut your hair for a sales position? When you got those knuckle tattoos were you ready to never step foot in an office the rest of your life? Do any of you regret stretching your ears out after realizing it kept you from a great career? Or have you stood your ground and pushed the boundaries of how many naked women can be etched into a Chipotle employee’s throat?

Have at it.