Plop Culture Dump O the Day: This is Nicolas Cage’s Son

Here’s some useless hump-day crap: Nicolas Cage has a 20-year-old son named Weston (the chick on the right) who is in a metal band called Eyes of Noctum. Weston got married to the chick on the left. I read about this on a probably not-at-all-reputable site called Hot Momma Gossip.
A little googling uncovered the following picture of father and son:

I found that picture on a site called Street Boners and TV Carnage. No joke.

Apparently, I’m slow on the news that Nic Cage has a metal son. Blabbermouth reported the following back in 2009:

In a July 2007 interview with Wizard Entertainment, Weston stated about his musical preferences, “I’m really into the kind of music that comes from Norway called black metal. It’s the type of music that’s really, really raw. But some bands like CRADLE OF FILTH like to add melodic factors to it, which I do myself, and what that does is create a very powerful piece that incorporates strong melodic backgrounds that could be rather like Bach or something very symphonic.”

Yes, it’s rather like Bach in the way that Nic Cage is rather like a good actor and totally not a hot mess.