Exclusive- Olde Growth: “The Grand Illusion”

I’m not a big proponent of hyping a band based upon how few members they have. What I mean is I don’t love descriptors like “power trio” because so what if three guys can make as much noise as four or five. That doesn’t make a song inherently better.
But with all of that said, listen to the Olde Growth song down below and just try imagine only two people pulling this off. This bass and drum duo sound like a goddamn legion of troops attacking over land, sea and air.

The band seems to have already used up all the good tree allusions, so I can only say that a self-titled album of well muscled psychedelics drops tomorrow on Meteor City containing riffs immense enough to panic Paul Bunyan.

Check out “The Grand Illusion” and start digging for change. You slacked off on Arbor Day this year, but picking up Olde Growth is the next best thing.

Olde Growth: “The Grand Illusion” by Decibel Magazine