Decibel’s Internet Round-Up

1. You like that Incantation ad? Plenty more old school ephemera at Metal Archaeologist.

2. Another death metal murder, with a kiwi twist.

3. When Metallica was the best band in the world.

4. NPR interviewing Witch Mountain after a 10-year absence.

5. Some dumb shit about metal, Zakk Wylde and American Idol.

6. Gentlemen, this girl covering Testament’s “Return to Serenity” is your new crush. And there’s some four eyes on the right for the ladies.

Quick question- You think every time Slayer’s playing the intro for “Angel of Death” nowadays, Tom Araya thinks, “Why the did I have to do that fucking scream? I hate this song.”

7. I am both shocked that Jason Andrews is leaving Circle of Dead Children and that Circle of Dead Children are still a band.

8. A teaser for Machine Head’s new album. In related news, who gives a shit?

9. I can say with complete conviction that these men love Paul Daniel “Ace” Frehley. And they don’t care what their wives think.

10. Gezoleen is kind of a one-man band and kind of a four-man band but either way it is incredible.