Ramming Speed Premieres “Last Drop/Dogmatic Horde”

Ramming Speed’s 12″ split with Texas skate shredders A.N.S. is out today, and it finds the Boston DIY thrashers pushing further into the darker, more intriguing sonic territory hinted at a couple years back on the band’s memorable Candlelight debut Brainwreck — this vinyl slab is a true smorgasbord of raging riffs, driving beats, and pure piss and vinegar custom built for those who have been hoping the “thrash revival” would eventually evolve into a beast more its own. (Hey, I love State of Euphoria, too, but…)

Ramming Speed was kind enough to offer up the track “Last Drop/Dogmatic Horde” for the edification of Decibel readers. And while you listen, drummer (and all around good egg) Jonah Livingston gives us the lowdown on all things Speed.

[audio:https://www.decibelmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/06_Last-Drop-_-Dogmatic-Horde.mp3|titles=06_Last Drop _ Dogmatic Horde]

“We managed to drag Ethan Dussault, head engineer of one of the best studios in the city, to our practice space to whip out the four new songs. It wasn’t exactly Mick Jagger’s French Chateau, but between the bathroom, my bedroom — most of us have been living in the space since we started the band — and the main jam area we found room for all the cabs, cables and mics. Somehow he managed to pull a super mean and heavy sound out of the place…

“The music is by far the angriest stuff we’ve output and one might notice that for a thrash band, there is fairly little in terms of straight ahead 80’s big four worship. Much of that was traded in for dirty grindcore, crusty hardcore and hints of death metal.

“We are 8 songs into writing for a new full length that will hopefully be recorded by the fall. Some of the most recent material is veering into summer jam territory with tons of guitar harmonies and daqourie riffage! We’re playing Boston with Skeletonwitch this Friday and will be doing a few weekends and perhaps an east coast tour in the summer to road test the new tunes prior to recording. As an added plus, we currently have Blake from the legendary Boston band Bones Brigade to fill in on second guitar…

“Pump your fist, grow a beard and pretend that spring isn’t dawning over New England.”

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