You Can’t Grind Your Way Out of a Ticket

Philadelphia is a great place for birthing democracy, eating pretzels and setting up Ponzi schemes disguised as metal publications. What it’s not good for is parking. Grindcore disciples Wormrot blasted through a big chunk of the country without incident until their van disappeared in Philly. And who can be blamed? The man.

The Singapore trio had their ride snatched away due to a bunch of confusing parking sign bullshit that don’t make no sense to nobody. They were forced to pay a hundred and fifty bones to the city and wait all damn day to get the van back (probably). Then they were forced to be called a “troupe” in this story that is actually incredibly boring. So all that sucks.

Now Wormrot are from a place known for caning the fuck out of people and some weird anti-gum rhetoric, but I doubt they take cars for a bunch of fake reasons. So for the remainder of the band’s tour how about everyone go out and chip in a couple extra bucks for these guys. We need them back ripping apart the states again as soon as possible.