Gurgitators of Grind

Just because some bands grind, contorting and torturing their fingers and ligaments for the sake of a tune that has an average running time of 45 seconds, it doesn’t mean they enjoy doing anything else that fast. Actually Finnish grinders Rotten Sound might try and practice the extreme opposite when it comes to daily life. Maybe it’s a cultural thing, but it’s something that I learned firsthand on one frightfully cold day in March. For those of you with a short memory span—due to either being generally stupid from too many blows to the head, or from the massive amount of weed you’ve been smoking in your parents’ basement—Decibel staffer Shane Mehling debuted the latest music video from these veteran grind freaks on the Deciblog about six weeks back. Featuring some half-digested burgers competing in the Olympic Games, it was one of the most original music videos we here at dB have seen in a long time!
So when the wonderful folks over at Relapse Records informed us that the band would not only be coming through Philadelphia, but also wanted to shoot their own rendition of the now-famous music video, we almost couldn’t believe our ears. With a tinkle in my eye and a face that has been reserved for your first Christmas morning, I happily accepted and made my way down to the infamous South Street. Home to premier punk and metal bar Tattooed Mom’s, the wonderful folks down there set us up with our own private room and all the veggie burgers that one could possibly eat; in Rotten Sound’s case, it was an abysmal two, but we won’t hold that against them. What follows below is the result from that day—sped up to make it seem like the band actually moves faster than your average domesticated house plant. RS went mouth-to-mouth (preferable to ass-to-ass-Ed.)to see who really could cram those two burgers down their throats the fastest. It took the winner just under five minutes to complete, a time that could easily be broken by most anybody, but that’s not the point here. The point of this video is to show how much fun it can be to eat burgers, drink beer and listen to some good old-fashioned grind!

Make sure to check the guys out on tour whenever they come through your town, and, oh yeah, go buy their latest album, Cursed, which is available now through Relapse. It might just put that very same twinkle in your eye.