Cry Now, Cry Later Fire Sale

You know that always-entertaining column at the front of the magazine called Cry Now, Cry Later? The one written by that incredibly tall, incredibly handsome genius who also wrote this month’s Pentagram cover story?  Fuuuuck, that dude rules so hard it’s amazing that he can even walk down the street without being mobbed by the hordes of enthusiastic naked women who comprise his legendary fanbase. But do you know who rules even harder?  Bruno Guerreiro, a.k.a. Brunofsky, the incomparable artiste who brings Cry Now to rip-roaring life with his gonzo illustrations. After years and years of hording his original drawings for no apparent reason other than to make himself feel superior to you, Brunofsky is finally unloading some of these masterpieces. Mostly because he needs money, man. Decibel pays us in recycled compost mulch and crappy second-hand death metal CDs (Albert’s) arranged into the shape of counterfeit three-dollar bills. How is Brunofsky gonna get the monkey off his back with that?
These original hand-drawn, hand-inked, one-of-a-kind, soon-to-be-worth-millions-on-eBay masterpieces are available here.

Because they’re so dirt fucking cheap, they’re gonna go fast as shit, so ACT NOW, Grasshopper.

BUT WAIT: For a limited time only, Decibel readers (that’s YOU, Grasshopper) get 10% off when they (you) type in this discount code: DECIBROS

Let the feeding frenzy begin.

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