Buy Stuff or Get Destroyed

Do you know Tom Neely? Yes, you do. Not only has he created some incredible artwork for bands like Isis and Wolves in the Throne Room (plus did this fucking killer Moby Dick poster) but he also is the genius behind Henry & Glenn Forever, the beautiful dream of a comic where Danzig brings a single black tear to our eye. So anyways, this guy who rules is being all punk rock and selling some of his coolest shit to fund the publishing of his new graphic novel, The Wolf. The first round, which featured original Isis art, went like gangbusters but you can now pick-up signed prints, special packages of stuff and right now he’s selling original pages from the Melvins comic book. Remember when you were talking about how if only you could spend a couple hundo on some weird mummy worm guy tongue-kissing a robot? Well guess what just went on the market.
Even if you don’t feel like buying something that’s amazing and one of a kind, stop by for copy of the Henry and Glenn Forever book or one of the man’s other wicked ass comics.

And finally, here’s that story about Danzig and bricks.