STREAMING: Pentagram “Call the Man”

In many ways, the opportunity to stream new music from legendary rockers/proto-metallers Pentagram is both an honor and a surprise. The Virginians, who have been kicking around in some shape or form since the early ’70s, are, to many, on the same level as British gods Black Sabbath or Judas Priest. Sure, the latter have gone on to do great things, make themselves household names, inspire generations of musically-inclined longhairs, but it’s difficult to compare the obstacles — some self-imposed, others bad luck — that were placed in front of Pentagram to just about anyone else. There’s something to be said for Pentagram frontman Bobby Liebling’s diehard view on music and life. The guy just can’t quit.
A testament to Liebling’s (and the rest of Pentagram’s) steely will to live is new song “Call the Man”. Buttressed by Victor Griffin’s otherworldly licks and Greg Turley’s fuzzed-out bottom end, “Call to Man” sounds like it was written and recorded in 1975 when rock ‘n’ roll ruled all and gods were still being born. As for self-described “dinosaur”, Liebling’s never sounded better. The guy can wail like no other at his age (rumors put his time of birth in the Mesozoic).

Without further ado. Here’s “Call the Man”.

“Call the Man”

Pentagram’s new album, Last Rites, is out April 12th on Metal Blade Records. Order it here.