Decibel’s Internet Round-Up

Time for another assemblage of random links that I have dutifully stolen from other much more responsible blogs and nice people.

1. The_Network doing an incredible cover of Deadguy’s “Pins and Needles.”

2. A not yet finished rerecording of a track from Polonium, the band the Austerity Program was before they were the Austerity Program.

3. 40 Watt Sun, the new band from Warning genius Patrick Walker, covering “Footprints” live, and the crowd being so super into it they kind of ruin the whole thing.

4. The best drunk Slash video I can find.

5. King Diamond aftershave.

6. Nocternity doing a Black Metal cover of Bjork’s “Pagan Poetry.” It’s… okay.

7. Literally 101 reasons why the Bob Seger photo pictured above is the greatest rock and roll photo of all time.

8. That A.C. Slayer clip you’ve seen one hundred times.

9. I don’t know what this Tumblr is, but it’s Freaking. Me. Out.

10. And the video for Life of Agony’s “This Time” because fuck you, it’s awesome.

The end.