Slit Your Catguts
There is nothing really new here. We know that. We know Apocalyptica releases a record in Finland every fifteen minutes. But for the sheer audacity and artistic license from some nutjob named Joey Molinaro, we have to direct your attention to this violin cover of eight Discordance Axis songs off The Inalienable Dreamless. From “Sound Out the Braille” to “Loveless,” Molinaro stomps on a hardwood floor and turns the grindcore classics into something more akin to a spine-buckling horror score.

Now we did some back and forth and, as is admitted in the comments, it’s not exactly a faithful recreation on violin. Instead it’s more of an inspired take on the paranoid, vertigo-inducing mindsquash that made this album a sour classic. And in case one of you contrarian fucks wants to shit on this, Jon “I was actually in Discordance Axis instead of just owning Jouhou on vinyl” Chang thinks this rules so holster those poison pens.