Meet: Meek is Murder

It’s kind of ballsy to mimic the Moz with your band name — but I think the Latino-charming crooner would approve of this NYC band’s Smithsy moniker: Meek is Murder. The Moz is never one to keep his mouth shut, and neither are these guys (listen to the first 25 seconds of “Papercups” from their fall 2007 debut, Mosquito Eater to see exactly what I mean).

It seems the latest band for publicists to use to sell a new hardcore band is Botch — which for some reason offends me every time I see it. Botch’s good name was used in the pitching of this band. But this time, it’s no overstatement. Meek is Murder (guitarist Mike Keller (ex-The Red Chord), drummer Frank Godla (Empyreon, Dividing Light) and bassist Sam Brodsky) kicks balls in a similar way to those scream-smart Tacoma kids. They play like their instruments are on fire — hard, fast, brutal, getting in and getting out before they burn themselves with their ridiculous awesomeness.

The band cut their second album recently with Kurt Ballou (Converge) at his Godcity studio, and made this little video about it. They’ll release that record — Algorithms — with in March, and catch them touring from NYC to SXSW and back again. Check out this studio report video. Funny kids, they are.