Exclusive: Woods of Ypres- “I Was Buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery”

March 22nd is the due date for Woods IV: The Green Album, the Woods of Ypres’ reissue that is more akin to a tectonic plate shift than a record release. And we now have a clip for one of the band’s heart-trampling creations. A combination of piano balladry and unyielding doom, the track has us not only anticipating the reissue, but the sure to be overwhelming Woods V, another record the band had supposedly already polished off.

David Hall of the ubiquitous maniacs over at Handshake Inc. can be thanked for the visual heroics, but we have to wonder with some sadness who convinced singer David Gold to end the clip by shaving his savage beard.

Woods IV: The Green Album will be released by Earache on March 22nd.