DevilDriver’s Dez FaFara Hates Humans, Loves Dogs

DOGS:For Sly FaFara and Lord Bacchus FaFara

“Ya like DOGS?” Brad Pitt asked in the movie Snatch.
Dogs . Yes! I love ‘em.

I’m a loner. Don’t do well in crowd. Don’t do the backstage thing. Humans just make me uncomfortable. They all want something from you.

But Dogs!?!?

When I’m home, it’s me and my dogs, hanging out, going everywhere together. I’ve even got a local bar that lets me bring them in for a quick cold one on a hot day, and there is a picture of them hanging behind the bar itself.

It’s true they want to be fed, but other than that, they just want to be with you, at your feet or lying by your side.

I recently had a new addition to our household in the way of a Harlequin Great Dane.

His name is Sly; he has one blue eye and at seven months old, he weighs about 145 lbs. He’s gonna be huge. You couldn’t find a sweeter dog to bring into a family. He loves my kids, plays well with my 110 lb. Red Doberman Bacchus and worships my wife.

Let me tell you — there’s nothing like a miniature horse crawling in bed with you at 6 AM to give you a big blubbery, horse-lipped sloppy kiss and listening to him run around upstairs. You would think the Budweiser Clydesdales are coming for a visit.

Here’s a great story about my Red Doberman, Lord Bacchus: My wife and I were driving and Bacchus always puts his legs over the front console in order to be right there between us. Ahead of us was an alleyway with a bad blind spot that we had to turn left at.  As my wife stopped and looked both ways, she started to pull out when Bacchus lunged forward and barked loudly! She slammed on the breaks and a truck doing at least 60 mph came barreling past us. That truck would have hit my side and no doubt I would not be here writing this if we had been hit. Bacchus looked at me and with these loving Doberman eyes started licking my face incessantly until I told him we were okay. He knew. He saw that truck when we didn’t and he saved my life, my wife’s life and his own.

I treated him with respect and love and he saved my family. It goes to show you that our pets and the animals on this earth are more cognizant than you think and those we treat well will surely look after you.

Dog lovers unite.

Dez FaFara

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