Henry Rollins’ Snake Underworld

That’s “underworld,” not “underpants.”
Moving on. We got wind of an upcoming National Geographic special called Snake Underworld hosted by Henry Rollins. According to reports, “Rollins spent about a week in Florida swamps exploring the fringe of America’s secret snake subculture: snake smugglers, snake breeders, and even those who ‘self-envenomate.'” We were kinda hoping for something more like the Dog Whisperer, if only to refer to Rollins as the “snake whisperer.” Actually, he’s been a big fan of snakes ever since working in a pet store as a kid in D.C. (Read about young Hank Garfield’s love of scooping cat shit on the job here.) To promote the show, which airs in April, Nat Geo has been tweeting facts about Rollins’ experience with snakes. After the jump, the tweet that made us wonder just how far he’s taken his sweet serpentine love. (And because it’s Monday, we’re also including a video of Salma Hayek being interviewed and losing her shit when a snake invites itself to the party.)

The Deciblog encourages you to guess where Rollins’ hidden tattoos are located and what type of snake each depicts. We’re going with spleen (cobra), prostate (milk snake), and taint (corn snake).