The Rhythm is Going to Get Napalm Death
Goddamn i wish I saw this when I was 8. Napalm Death with Lee Dorrian and Bill Steer tear apart a kid’s TV show on the BBC in 1989 and unlike the usual out place extreme band shots… okay, this is still pretty out of place, especially when the words “Def Metal?” pop up on screen. But the host actually seems into the lyrics, his intro before they play “From Enslavement to Obliteration” is killer and when the band starts, the video gets pretty fucking intense. I can understand why there’s a “Parent Hazard Warning.” Then, if you want to see the guys for a couple seconds after a serious rendition of “The Rhythm is Gonna Get You,” skip to… no, you should watch the whole thing. The payoff is truly worth it.

Fast forward ten years and the band is doing almost the same thing, except this nerd keeps calling it thrash metal, which deserved a quick and unfortunately nonexistent disembowling. Still, Napalm Death (even with different members) is all class.

How close can American TV get to this worshipping of metal Gods? Uh, how about a cable access show with the pre-Deicide band Amon “doing a couple of original tunes”? They’re introduced by a guy in a bowtie. It’s awful. Enjoy.