Not Exclusive: Shroud Eater’s “ThunderNoise”

Stoner Noise. Is that a genre? Well it is now thanks to Shroud Eater. The Miami three-piece are riding dirty with granitic riffs, heaving basslines and suckerpunch rhythms. Also, vocalist/guitarist Jeannie Saiz’s bellow is monstrous, like screams through a throat made of industrial bong glass.

They’ve released a new record, a turbulent full-length called ThunderNoise, and we like it. We like it a whole lot. So why not use our unlimited power to send you to their Bandcamp page, where you can stream the whole thing, pick up a digital copy for three bucks or get one of a hundred special copies for ten bucks? Why wouldn’t we do that? Would you rather we just send you to some quiz about death metal lyrics and William Blake poetry? Doubtful.

Anyways, we appreciate their DIY attitude, behemoth tunes and the fact that their drummer was once homeless and is now a milkman. Oh, and this record was produced by Scott Angelacos from Bloodlet. That means we’re going to link to their song “Whitney” from Seraphim Fall and you’re going to fucking listen to it.