South Pole Dispatch + Special Victims Unit = Let’s Do This

The man responsible for bringing up the butt-end of every issue of Decibel, John Darnielle, is currently being courted (no pun intended) for a guest-spot on “Law & Order SVU.” Kinda. Technically, he’s being pimped out to the L&O powers that be by his fans—Darnielle’s that dude in that band the Mountain Goats, but that’s not important—via a Facebook page.
If the Facebook people can get Betty White’s shriveled old cooze a hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live,” surely they can get Darnielle’s shriveled old cooze a bit part on SVU. Darnielle himself said if it happens, he promises to look “extra-crazed” for the camera. To ensure Darnielle delivers such a performance, we’ll send Boss Albert down to the set and have him scream “YOUR FUCKING DEADLINE WAS LAST WEEK YOU FUCKING FUCK” into JD’s face over and over again. Caveat: No matter what role Darnielle gets—corpse, judge, psycho killer—we insist he wears a Gorgoroth T-shirt and gets to say the words “brutal,” “kvlt,” and “false metal,” and gets to hi-five Ice T. Yes, even if he’s a corpse.

After the jump, a video of Mr. South Pole Dispatch’s bass player watching an episode of SVU on his laptop in a hotel room. It’s a band thing. And please be sure to “like” the Facebook page.