Metal: The Illustration of Mark Rudolph

Hello fellow Deci-punters. Typically, we don’t toot our own Viking horns—well, we’ve done it before when Decibel Managing Editor Andrew Bonazelli released his acclaimed A Regular book and when Decibel Editor-in-Chief Albert Mudrian clashed swords with Da Capo Press to bring the Precious Metal book to life—but on this occasion, which is near Christmas, originally a pagan concept (Sol Invictus), we felt another Decibel staffer, the venerable and ridiculously talented Mark Rudolph, needed lots baritone expulsion.
Mr. Rudolph is most known to Deci-punters as the guy who does the Reviews illustration. Yes, those brilliant depictions of bands like Agalloch, Kylesa, Suffocation, Coalesce, Mastodon, Enslaved, etc. But his coup de grace, at least at this point in our short timeline, is the equitanting Danzig on the cover of Decibel #70 (August 2010). Although, Black Mesh Shirt Guy (aka Danzig) probably didn’t appreciate us showing his cartoony nips, we loved the cover. It’s brilliantly good!

Anyway, Mr. Rudolph has assembled his Review illustrations, plus a bunch of other rad metal-related art, in a book hyperbolically titled, Metal: The Illustration of Mark Rudolph. Not only are the illios (that’s an industry term, natch) awesomely reproduced, but the size of the book (5×7.5”) is seriously unique. And at 60 full-color pages, there’s plenty of stuff to look at while you’re A) topping the pot, B) showing off your ridiculously large CD collection to largely uninterested friends, or C) positioning yourself as an art connoisseur to the fairer sex.

To pick up a copy of Metal: The Illustration of Mark Rudolph, click here.

He ships fast and will sign it if you ask him nicely.

PS. Don’t forget to tell him Entombed’s Black Juju EP is way better than Entombed’s Hollowman EP.