Henry & Glenn Forever Cartoon Xmas Special (& J. Bennett in a Bathrobe)

We have the biggest, frostiest, gluiest boner for the remarkably deranged dudes of Igloo Tornado, the hivemind that brought you the homotastic hardcore comic Henry & Glenn Forever. Just when we thought we couldn’t possibly love them any harder or faster, Igloo Tornado’s Tom Neely wrote, directed, and animated a goddamn CHRISTMAS CARTOON starring Henry and Glenn, and their lovable Satanist neighbors, Hall and Oates. Interspersed with the animated action is a commercial for the comic itself, starring our very own J. Bennett in his favorite seafoam green bathrobe. Grab a cup of cocoa, liberally pour in the Rumplemintz, don your mistletoe jockstrap, and get ready for a heaping serving of awesomeness after the jump.

Some select moments of genius:
* Henry’s sexy butt-swivel and girlish waistline
* Glenn’s nipples
* Glenn’s bookshelf features Twilight, Hitler’s Mom, and Were-Donkey.
* Glenn dances like that Peanuts character (whose name we can’t remember).
* Oh yeah, and Bennett in a bathrobe.

Buy your own copy of Henry & Glenn Forever here. Or stuff some stockings with it and have a very happy holiday, indeed.