Pre-teens of the Beast
An inspirational tale of young extremity, Heavy Metal Jr. documents a band called Hatred (or Hatrid), kids aged 10-13 who are trying to get ready for their first show. Their influences range from Motorhead to AC/DC to Marilyn Manson and they are… well, just start watching. It is a full 24 minutes of kick assness.

Many of us remember going through these sorts of trials as young metalheads and can appreciate not exactly gelling with band members, not exactly liking our songs and shows we don’t exactly consider “cool.” (Why did my hardcore band open for a funk trio at the launch of a stereo store at one in the afternoon again?)

But even if this doesn’t take you down memory lane, there are plenty of gems to enjoy: Quotes like “Sorry guys, I don’t have a pedal that’s heavier than that,” songs like “Two Gods Don’t Make a Right” and the question we’ve all asked- Should it be “Satan Rock” or “Satan Rocks”?

Then there’s Elliot’s dad. Holy shit, wait until you see Elliot’s dad sing. Maybe this is a brilliant joke, a mini-Spinal Tap of sorts. But if so, it is bloody brilliant. And above all, the acne is fucking brutal.