Win Lesbian’s “Stratospheria Cubensis”

It’s contest time, motherfuckers (no offense).

Lesbian, the Seattle psych-metal maelstrom who write the kind of music Satan himself smokes weed to, have released their newest record, Stratospheria Cubensis (Important). It is an incredible leap from their Power Hor debut, both sonically technically, while still pushing their singular sound. Just look what our own Leah Sottile had to say about it: “It’s an album brimming with ingenuity, depth and mastery.” It also happens to be the kind of grandiose, anomalous and totally fearless album that few bands have the vision to pull off.

And now the opening track, “Poisonous Witchball,” is being gifted to you with a chance to win the whole album and a sweet, sweet, oh so sweet shirt.

All you have to do is download the song and do something with it. A music video? A remix? Audio collage? Just headbang for 8 minutes? I know I don’t care and the guys just want you to be your own weirdo, lonely selves (no offense). So enjoy the crushing greatness of Lesbian and let’s go freak out some squares.

Send your submissions to [email protected]

Contest ends in, oh, a month? How about a month?