Nuns Have No Fun

If you’ve been following us here on the Deciblog for the last few months, you know that exactly every two weeks we post a flyer for something called Heavy Tuesday. We’re still not really sure what it is, but J. Bennett keeps insisting that it’s occasionally awesome. As far as we can tell, it’s this heavy metal DJ night that he and Scott Carlson from Repulsion do at this bar called Footsies in Los Angeles. Tom Neely, one of the comic masterminds behind Henry & Glenn Forever, can typically be found manning the wheels of steel alongside them. Les Dudis from Hydra Head used to get in on it, but recently quit after his liver gave birth to another liver that had brain damage and a cleft palate. Nevertheless, they’re back at it this Tuesday, October 26th, with special guests Christian Mistress, who will roll over to Footsies after their show at Spaceland with Gypsyhawk and Thrones. The fine folks at 20 Buck Spin are sponsoring the night, so there will be plenty of free swag as well. Admission is free and the shit hits the fan at 10pm. As always, Footsies is located at 2640 N. Figueroa in Los Angeles, 90065.