Bruce Lamont (Yakuza) Tour Diary: Part Two

Hot on the heels of this summer’s Profound Lore debut, Of Seismic Consequence, Chicago prog-monsters Yakuza scored perhaps the baddest-ass black metal tour of 2010, scorching the States with Triptykon and 1349. Frontman/White Sox fan-for-life Bruce Lamont will periodically fill us in on the gory details.
Day 4—Baltimore
Showed up around doors. A good friend from Chicago, Jim McCarthy, was there to greet us. Also said hey to Sparky of Misery Index. The show went well. 1349 fucking killed it on “I Am Abomination,” one of my favorite tunes from Hellfire. Triptykon, again, so awe-inspiring. After the show, we drove up to Philly to stay with friends Jeff, Nadine and Jim Plotkin. We had a feast, beers and a parking spot waiting. We were very grateful and got a great night’s sleep.

Day 5—Philly
We found out the day before that this show almost got cancelled because of a promoter switch and the fact that Slayer was playing over in Camden. All the bands agreed the show must go on, though, and did what we could to make it happen. We were staying only two blocks away, so got to casually roll in while the headliners checked. Set up the gear and merch, and away we roll. The set felt really good—we got a great response, which is never expected. We are the odd band out and perfectly OK with that. Warrior tossed his guitar in the air after the show, and it stuck perfectly in the drum hardware. Amazing on so many levels. After the show, it was back to our Philly friends’ house for some wonderful dim sum, beers and the original Bad News Bears. Walter Matthau drinking tall boys while driving, teenagers smoking and swearing—I remember those days. Good night.

Day 6—Montreal.
Got a three-hour “nap” in, and then we had to hit it for Montreal. The border crossing was no problem. Once in town, Cartel and I went to a sports bar so he could check his football scores. The bar was full of dudes from the U.S. The show went well. The bass amp went out on Pat right before we played so we borrowed Trip’s. That reminds me—shout-outs to the crew, Jerred, Pete, Kenny and the infamous Tony Laureano. Thanks for all the help. We watched Frost from 1349 from an overhead perspective, and man that guys is an insane drummer. His left hand is like nothing else.
Had an amazing heart-to-heart with Tom Warrior tonight. We talked about art and music (the importance of Black Sabbath, especially). We stayed with our friend Marylyne. She and I sat up drinking whiskey and talking until 5 a.m. when sleep was really needed; can’t pass up on good conversation.

Day 7—Toronto
Ah, Canadian Thanksgiving, which means holiday traffic, which means we are late (again). Triptykon’s TM Pete wants to kill us—I’m sure of that. Chris from Profound Lore came out and we ended up staying at the Profound Compound. The show went OK. My pedal board went out during the first song. More on Chris—I am totally amazed what one guy can do with a label. He’s completely dedicated to every record he puts out. We appreciate and respect everything he does. Oh yeah, van jams: Killing Joke’s new one Absolute Dissent is on heavy rotation.

Day 9—Cleveland
W had a day off and drove into Cleveland the night before the show. Stayed with one of our best-est buds, Will from Keelhaul. Aaron, Dana and Chris all made it over at one point and, as always, when we get together with those guys, it’s a party. The next day loaded into the Grog Shop and got a soundcheck! A bunch of old friends made it out: Carla, Ro/10000