I Can Haz Your Soul

(Addendum: Mr. Nick Green actually presented this video to Deciblog viewers about a year ago, but we thought “Hey, we can write it up a whole lot better than that guy.” Then we didn’t.)

This video isn’t good. No one’s saying it is. But how are we going to let a clip where someone does a decent Hetfield impression slip through our fingers?
“Heavy Metal Cats” is a really bad “Enter Sandman” parody that involves a girl who becomes obsessed with watching kittens on the web. We appreciate a laptop being referred to as a “furry tomb,” and we’re glad Maru jumping into and out of a box was included but it wouldn’t have killed them to take a second or two to say some bad stuff about Lars or show that clip where he puts his foot under Bob Rock’s wheel. And that shot where he’s playing inside her head filled with fire– is that really what people think metal guys are into?

Either way, it’s worth it for the shredding version of Keyboard Cat and the quick shot of a kitty on a Roomba. Cause seriously, that shit is fucking adorable.