Seraphic Decay Lives!

Seraphic Decay was a Midwest-based death metal label that enjoyed a productive, if very short, existence. The first release was a 7” by Ohio maniacs Minch, but releases by Rigor Mortis (pre-Immolation), Incantation, Mortician, Derketa, Disgrace, Abhorrence (pre-Amorphis) Agathocles, Disgrace, Xysma, and few more culties soon followed over the course of 1990 – 1992. At the time, the label was like any other basement/bedroom start-up (think Relapse), but over the years Seraphic Decay titles have become highly coveted by death metal collectors worldwide. In fact, some of them are nearly impossible to find, and when found fetch for elephant dollars on eBay.
Which is all the more reason why, a site run by a random, if impossibly dedicated, death metaller is super awesome! Never before has a site focused on a label’s discography—photos, streaming audio, vinyl color ways, bios, etc.—with such completeness. The coolest thing about the site is the creator actually got permission from the bands to stream the audio, so as long as the dude keeps paying his server bills and renews the domain name on time, will continue to serve up the old-school death like no other on the J. Bennett-penned “Interhole”.

Why is Mr. Dedicated doing this? Here’s what he has to say: “Simple. I’m a fan, and I want to create a resource for other collectors and fans of cult late 80’s early 90’s death metal.”

Consider us fans.