The “Heavy Metal Picnic” Trailer Is Here

Grab a bucket of fried chicken and potato salad. And don’t forget a blanket and some boxed wine. It’s Heavy Metal Picnic time. Jeff Krulik and John Heyn, the fellas behind Heavy Metal Parking Lot, worked their magic with footage taken by Rudy Childs at a 1985 hesher-fest billed as Full Moon Jamboree in Bumfuck, Maryland. Childs interviewed the shitfaced mullets with a CBS News camera and microphone stolen from the Reagan Inauguration. Amazeballs. Fast-forward two decades when Krulik learns that such footage exists. He rounds up the clowns in the film and gets them to reminisce on a lost weekend of metal, booze, and jackassery. The wait is over… the trailer is here, complete with some dude in tiny electric-blue shorts, and his side-pipe is in full effect. Brace yourself.
Screening dates haven’t been announced yet, so check the Picnic’s website to stay on top of that. In the meantime, feast your eyes on this slice of “stoned to the bone” Americana. After that, do yourself a favor and read this excellent article on Krulik from the Washington City Paper.