Dave Mustaine Looks Like…

Rainy days and Tuesdays always get us down here at the Deciblog HQ. Why? Who the hell knows?! Lack of sleep, realizing we’ve run out of Rice Milk after we’ve already poured our cereal, the sole of our right shoe is delaminating, or we just can’t seem to write a catchy headline are all good reasons to feel a blue on a grey day. Hell, not even our favorite tune, “Two Winters Only”, is able to brighten our dark corner.

That is until we get this little gem in our overflowing, severely disorganized email inbox. Our upside down smile turned right side up (only a little though). Yeah, in this photo comparison, from the pretty fun time-wasting website totallylookslike.com, Megadeth hero Dave Mustaine is matched up against a ruby-colored Cocker Spaniel. Aw, how cute. Mustaine, that is. It’s hard to take the shredder seriously—check out that semi-angry pout—when he’s framed by such beautiful locks, but we all know Dave’s never one to take matters lightly. Like shoes delaminating or running out of cereal when he has 3 gallons of milk in the ‘fridge.

As for the pup, he/she’s clearly having a banner day. Mustaine could learn a few things.