STREAMING: Toxic Holocaust “Bitch”

By: Chris D. Posted in: featured, listen On: Monday, June 13th, 2011


1. hol·o·caust [hol-uh-kawst, hoh-luh-]
“a great or complete devastation or destruction, especially by fire.”
— Immortal’s Abbath Doom Occulta would disagree with this definition, especially the “fire” bit. His definition of “holocaust” is 100 years of winter followed by 100 years of brutal rule by the autocratic dictators of the frost-bitten kingdom of Blashyrkh.

2. tox·ic [tok-sik]
“of, pertaining to, affected with, or caused by a toxin or poison: a toxic condition.”
— Immortal’s Abbath Doom Occulta has very little to say about the word, “toxic”. Is it a waltz? In some countries and in some geographic parts of countries, yes. He really had no further comment upon hearing the word, “toxic”.

But Joel Grind, the blond dude with thrashy ambitions, knows exactly what “toxic” and “holocaust” mean. Separately. And together. When combined they form “toxic holocaust”, or rather properly noun-ed Toxic Holocaust, the vehicle with which Mr. Grind uses to express himself.

With nearly three years between Mr. Grind’s lovingly received An Overdose of Death… effort and full-band opus Conjure and Command, Mr. Grind’s new music is a ray of light in dark, uninteresting times. It’s unbridled white heat, in fact. How do we know so much? We’ve heard Conjure and Command, and few releases this Rabbit Year can compete with its aggression, all-balls attitude, and blue collar work ethic. While Conjure and Command won’t burn up the Billboard airplay charts, we’re pretty sure it’ll rule our Year End…uh, chart.

To prove it, here’s the succinctly titled, “Bitch”.

Toxic Holocaust – Bitch by Decibel Magazine

** Toxic Holocaust’s Conjure and Command is out July 19th, 2011 on Relapse Records. Pre-order it here.

  • Bigpoop17

    You can’t have “with which” and “uses to” as part of the same sentence (first paragraph).  One needs to be removed.

    • mr ed

      Check out the big brain on big poop!

    • Albert

      Check out the big brain on big poop! 

    • Chris D.

      I can do whatever I like, in fact. It’s the Internet, da?

  • Bigpoop17

    You can’t have “with which” and “uses to” as part of the same sentence (first paragraph).  One needs to be removed.

  • BillyBob

    Shitty riffs and recycled drumming. Must be the retro-thrash! Get your mom to sew on your Municipal Waste and Havok patches!

    • Jedmiston3

      i can agree with the shitty riffs and recycled drumming but not all retro thrash is like this.

    • The Titan

      Hah, what the fuck ever. Get a band, be anywhere near as successful as Joel, write quality thrash metal material that doesnt sound outdated or like some other band and then post some kind of shit-ass comment like that.

    • Goofster15

      the fact is this is good music, whether it be retro or not. IT KICKS ASS!!!

  • Deadweight721

    whats wrong with Havok BillyBob? Theyre fuckin’ awesome!

  • Rob Ratliff

    Motherfucking Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  • George_salis

    Completely unoriginal in just about every way possible! Even the lyrics rip off Overkill’s Feel The Fire.

    • Deadweight721

      have you ever written music and realized later while listening to something that you unintentionally “stole” it, it happens.

  • Glycon

    Bad Fuckin’ Ass!

  • Shinsengumi_leader3

    ill take shitty riffs and recycled drumming over breakdowns anyday

  • robert edwards

    man dont listen to all these fuckn haters…this song rocks as im sure the whole album does and i dont need to hear the whole fucking thing before it comes out cause i know the Toxic Holocaust puts out bad fuckn ass killer music.  u guys kick ass!

  • robert edwards

    it seems to me that all u fuckheads leavn dum comments dont realize what good metal is when u hear it and its a shame cause there is lots of bad ass metal and punk out there that people like billybob here will just never understand!!!!!

  • Scott Garlington